Integrated Pest Management Webinar from SAHMA

Thursday, July 23, 10:00AM-11:30AM Eastern Standard Time (9:00AM-10:30AM CST) Scott Ployer, National Property Management Strategies Group, LLC

Integrated Pest Management provides participants with an overview of integrated pest management protocols and why they are important to the maintenance and upkeep of safe and healthy housing. HUD regulations require that all government assisted properties be well-maintained including, but not limited to being pest-free. The integrated pest management (IPM) plan provides ongoing guidance to ensure compliance and is also part of the larger Green O&M Plan.

Learning Outcomes:

·     Implement the basic principles of IPM with an understanding of how and why this multifaceted approach is important

·     Utilize both scheduled as well as ad-hoc inspections to identify issues or potential problems in various locations

·     Research, qualify, select and collaborate with the designated IPM contractor performing services at the community

·     Understand the required elements of a successful IPM program and how to ensure compliance with measurable favorable results ·     Educate residents on the importance of this initiative as it affects them and why ownership and management need their cooperation

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