Multifamily Housing Integration – Wave 2

October 6, 2020

To continue to meet the increasing demand for safe and affordable multifamily rental housing in rural America, Multifamily Housing (MFH) Leadership has reorganized MFH programs into an integrated model with specialized teams.

This integration will allow MFH to establish streamlined business processes, provide consistent and predictable work for staff, and improve customer service to you. I am sending this note to provide an overview of the MFH Integration, reassure you that much of how of we operate will remain the same, and to let you know who you can contact for questions or services after the realignment.

The transition to the integrated model will occur in two waves. In July, the first wave launched in the National Office and the Northeast region. The second wave will include the remaining states in the South, Midwest, and West regions and is scheduled to launch on October 13, 2020. An overview of the Future State Regions can be found in the table below.

In the new model, all MFH staff will be aligned to 1 of 3 integrated divisions: Field Operations Division, Production & Preservation Division, and Asset Management Division. The table below outlines a brief description of each of these integrated divisions:

The Field Operations Division South Regional Director—Byron Waters—will now be one of your primary points of contact with USDA RD MFH. In this role, Byron will provide leadership for all Field Operations staff in the South Region.

In the Production and Preservation Division, you will have two new contacts: (1) a Program Manager—Stephanie Vergin—who is dedicated to capital sourcing and maintaining and developing financing partnerships; and (2) the Program Support Branch Chief—Abby Boggs—who is responsible for all lender and stakeholder engagement.

In the National Office, we are pleased to announce the MFH leadership team:

·       Adam Hauptman – Assistant Deputy Administrator

·       Ernie Wetherbee – Director, Field Operations Division

·       Lauryn Enrico – Director, Production & Preservation Division

·       Jen Larson – Director, Asset Management Division

Below, you will find a list of updated Points of Contacts. If you have questions about MFH’s integration or any of the contacts listed below, please reach out to Byron Waters at

Thank you in advance for your support as we transition into our new integrated model. We are confident that the new organizational structure will better meet your needs and, in turn, the needs of rural America.

Nancie-Ann Bodell
Deputy Administrator
Multifamily Housing

Ernie Wetherbee
Director, Field Operations Division
Multifamily Housing

Byron Waters
South Regional Director
Field Operations Division
Rural Development, Multifamily Housing
United States Department of Agriculture
(919) 873-2055

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